AXIMA presents SmartMONITOR from WERMA – the smart alternative of MDC systems

15. 03. 2017 | SmartMONITOR is the smart MDC alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise their manufacturing processes. SmartMONITOR provides all of the relevant data for machines, systems and manual workstations easily at the touch of a button. Unlike conventional,complex MDC systems, SmartMONITOR is a simple, wireless-based retrofit solution for signalling and analysing your entire production facility - at a glance.

With signal devices, the control station module or a message on your smartphone you can shorten your response times and optimise your manufacturing process, with the guarantee that you will never miss a critical situation. Everything is documented and the reports also show you how topermanently improve your processes and productivity.

With SmartMONITOR we help to make processes faster, leaner, better and more efficient - simply at the push of a button. The simple, wireless-based retrofit solution for signalling and analysing your entire production area ensures further growth and that you are always a step ahead of your competitors.

SmartMONITOR consists of a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver and the software. The robust and proven wireless network for the production environment intelligently searches for the best connection and thereby ensures the simplest integration into your production process. The included software already has integrated analysis and reporting tools.

The software supplied with the system is easy to install and leads the user through a series of steps to establish an individual network. It displays the status condition of signal lights installed in the system, enables the user to analyse runtimes, identify causes of disruption in operations and therefore improve efficiency.

You are able to React quickly regardless of your current location. If the status of a machine or workstation changes an Email can be automatically sent to a PC or Smartphone of the person responsible. You can select to whom and after which time interval of the status change the Email is to be sent.

 The user-friendly report function in the Control Station, Productivity, Run time and Job modules offers the possibility of converting all existing data into individual reports (in tabular and/or graphical form). The report can then be individually amended, printed out, and be saved in various data formats (pdf, HTML, Excel, CSV, jpg).

 We are happy to demonstrate the systém in our booth hall V 5.06

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