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05. 04. 2018 AMPER invites you to Italy-Germany-Czech Industrial Forum

AMPER, together with the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce, invites you to the Industrial Forum of Italy-Germany-Czech Republic "The Approach Industry 4.0: A Systemic Challenge for People" on April 25, 2018 from 13.30h. The event aims to create a high level confrontation on issues that are interested in the industrial sector, from the world of Industry 4.0 to the relationship between industry and the education system.

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23. 03. 2018 AMPER 2018 ends

Great thanks to all exhibitors for perfect preparation and amazing work on their exceptional expositions, to visitors for creating the atmosphere and the Brno Exhibition Grounds for the opportunity to realize 4 excellent days of business meetings and social gatherings. We are already looking forward to the 27th year, which will be held again in Brno from 19 to 22 March 2019.

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23. 03. 2018 World captured in IoT network

The Internet of Things is one of the most discussed concepts of nowadays. T-Mobile and SigFox present in their exposition a network for the Internet that these companies have begun to build together in the Czech Republic. Today, their IoT network is virtually all over the country.

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23. 03. 2018 Friendly speaking robots

Zlín also inspired the name of the young company Zlín Robotics, which recently introduced to the Czech market collaborative robots of Techwan Robot (TM). The Czech Republic has become the fourth country in Europe, where it can now meet these top-class systems.

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23. 03. 2018 "Small but skilled"

The popularized quote describing a small devil that comes from a Czech fairytale (Princess from the mill) basically captures the main features of the compact TGMmini control system, the latest news from TG drives.

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23. 03. 2018 Automated safety under the Pilz brand

Pilz brought to the fair a number of novelties in the field of industrial automation safety features. Among them there is the first security PLC console with IP67 protection.

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23. 03. 2018 When the quality of picture matters

It is generally known that top-quality wine is born in Moravia, but that there are also advanced systems of machine vision, offering no less good image, is not so well-known. Their creator is the Zlín company Moravské přístroje.

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23. 03. 2018 Lan2M: VPN routers for remote machine management

The Lan2M system of the Brno-based company of the same name addresses the connection of machines and devices and their remote management by connecting the corresponding LAN network capabilities. It combines the requirements of machine manufacturers and their users, even though it is not a physical LAN network.

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23. 03. 2018 The smallest camera sensor

The company Amtek presents a unique system of the German company di-soric, represented in the Czech and Slovak market, as the smallest camera sensor in the world.

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23. 03. 2018 Robot, that "sees" through its hands

The camera grip equipped with the Universal Robots robot at Amtech is a multifunctional intelligent device for automation of a variety of manufacturing or laboratory processes.

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