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18. 03. 2023 Are you looking for a reliable EU based manufacturer of glass optics? Come visit EcoGlass at booth No. P 6.08!

EcoGlass is a family-owned company developing and manufacturing glass optics for various lighting applications. You can find our products in car headlamps, runway lighting, street or LED lighting.

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17. 03. 2023 AMPER e-MOTION 2023 presents ... ORBIS TECNOLOGÍA ELÉCTRICA

ASTRO NOVA CITY is astronomical time programmer that allows the establishment of operating periods referenced to sunrise and sunset hours. Only needs to select the provincial capital in which it is installed so that the lighting schedule is adjusted daily to the sunrise and sunset times. It generates significant savings in electricity consumption as it avoids lighting being switched on during the day.

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16. 03. 2023 Combined transmitter of level, conductivity and temperature measurement

The LCT 307i combined transmitter is designed for continuous measurement of level, conductivity and temperature of mineral water in boreholes. It´s possible to measure water level in a borehole, pool or well by just one transmitter.

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16. 03. 2023 Austrian technologies at AMPER 2023

Austrian companies have traditionally been exhibiting at the Austrian group exhihibiton at AMPER fair since 2014. 2023 cutting-edge technology from the Alpine country will be on display in Pavilion F (booths 0.01 – 0.10).

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11. 03. 2023 AMPER e-MOTION 2023 presents ... Silentium WDSLS Double

The Silentium WDSLS Double charging station is a unique charging station, originally developed on a special order for Škoda Auto to enable the charging of as many electric vehicles as possible in large parking lots with minimal construction. The charging station is designed to be installed in the center of four parking spaces, allowing up to four vehicles to be connected from one point. The original installation using Silentium WDSLS Double can simultaneously charge 400 electric vehicles within one parking lot, each with a power of up to 11 kW. At the time of commissioning in 2022, the Škoda Auto car park equipped with Silentium WDSLS Double charging stations has become the largest car park for electric cars in the Czech Republic.

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09. 03. 2023 AMPER e-MOTION 2023 presents ... BMW iX M60

Electric driving dynamics at the highest level!

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08. 03. 2023 MINYX – distributor of electronic components

The company MINYX servis s.r.o. was founded at the beginning of 2015 and has been engaged in the distribution of electronic parts and components for the production of electronics since its inception. We are a young, dynamically developing company that provides its clients with the best business service. Our suppliers are mainly manufacturers and important distributors from Asia, Europe and the USA. We rely above all on the quality of supplied parts, reliability of deliveries to the maximum satisfaction of you, our clients.

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07. 03. 2023 GaN for Infotainment / Class-D Audio

Finepower Introduces: EPC's gallium nitride (GaN) devices deliver 2x higher power density than silicon MOSFETs, do not require a heat sink, and enable easier power amplifier scaling in high-performance home, professional, automotive and marine audio applications.

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03. 03. 2023 Radio Impuls became a media partner of the AMPER trade fair

In February, the most listened to Czech radio station celebrated its 24th birthday. We are spreaders of good mood and we play the most beautiful Czech and Slovak songs for our listeners.

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01. 03. 2023 Introducing the exhibitor... Heilind Electronics

We are the industry's leading interconnect distributor with the largest range of interconnect products in North America. We focus on connectors, relays, sensors, switches, thermal management and circuit protection products, terminal blocks, wires and cables, wiring accessories, and insulation and identification products from over 150 leading manufacturers.

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