A prestigious competition for the most beneficial exhibit of the fair - GOLDEN AMPER 2022 - took place within the 28th year of the AMPER international trade fair. A total of 22 exhibits from 20 exhibiting companies took part in the competition for the most beneficial exhibit of the AMPER 2022 trade fair. 


University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, FE

  • Earth fault compensation devices

Earth fault compensation devices represent a new technology for reducing the level of fault current at the fault location instead of the traditional choke. The main benefit is the reduction of dangerous step and contact voltages, which significantly increases the safety of the network in the event of failures. The research and development was carried out by the UWB in Pilsen, the facility was successfully tested in a two-year pilot operation.

Beckhoff Automation s.r.o.

  • XPlanar: Freedom of movement

XPlanar consists of 4 main parts: active tiles (planar motor stator), passive moving segments (movers), communication bus and industrial computer with control software. Active tiles generate an electromagnetic field. They have dimensions of 240x240 mm and can be flexibly arranged in various shapes. The tiles contain control and power electronics, power supply and EtherCAT G communication. The mechanical construction of the mover is made of an aluminum body and neodymium magnets, which create a strong static magnetic field. The maximum speed of the mover is 2 m / s with an acceleration of 20 m / s ^ 2. The maximum load capacity of individual types of movers is in the range of 0.4 kg to 4.2 kg. Repeatable positioning accuracy is 50 μm. The number of tiles and movers is determined by the hardware configuration of the industrial computer. TwinCAT 3.1 software in combination with multi-core processors guarantees optimal use of computing power for Xplanar system control.

Cognex Corporation

  • In-Sight 2800® vision system

The In-Sight 2800 Vision System combines deep learning with traditional rule-based machine vision tools in a single device for a wide range of inspection tasks. It excels in simple operation and commissioning.

BRADY s.r.o

  • M211 Label Printer

The simple and intuitive M211 label printer is designed for field work all day and is also resistant to falls, shocks and impacts. Labels are designed and printed easily on a smartphone that connects to the printer wirelessly.

Technical University Brno

  • Soldering station with directly heated template for reballing process (HSR-01)

HSR-01 is a device using a patented method (patent CZ 307441) of a directly heated template for the re-creation of spherical solder terminals in BGA electronic housings. An innovation is the use of mounting templates for solder balls also as a heating element to ensure the remelting process without the need to manipulate the housing. The main advantages are the lower heat load for the soldered electronic housing and the possibility of creating a more reliable soldered joint, as is the case with the much more expensive laser soldering method.


ABB s.r.o.

  • TruONE automatic source switcher

It is an automatic switch between the two primary power systems. Simple, flexible and compact design, combining power devices, sensors and control electronics. Simplifies design, installation and setup.


  • PFISTERER DOC - Dry Outdoor Composite Termination
The self-supporting outdoor dry cable lug for electrical networks up to 170 kW is supplied as a complete, fully tested unit. The main benefit of the technology lies in its quick installation and environmental friendliness. 

TREVOS, a.s.

The Nanottica range of industrial luminaires represents a new generation of LED luminaires for demanding industrial environments. The uniqueness lies, among other things, in the nano-optical structure applied to the luminaire cover, which allows complete control over the emitted light from the chromaticity temperature to the width of the radiating characteristic.

IQHUBS s.r.o.

  • IQ andon + IQHUBS application

IQHUBS andon is a unique hardware that combines a twelve-position mechanical switch and IoT technology. In combination with sensors that monitor the condition of the machine, downtime, number of units and cycle, it gives comprehensive and accurate information about the production process on a given machine / line. All data then travels to the cloud via the IQHUBS application, where we evaluate it in the application and via the web interface our IQPartner can check the efficiency of individual devices anywhere and at any time.


  • Digitization of logistics and security processes

Systém digitalizace logistických a bezpečnostních procesů plně automatizuje pojištění zabezpečení areálu formou nepřetržitého dohledu kamerových systémů za využití analýzy obrazu. Součástí je automatizované odbavení řidičů prostřednictvím aplikace e-Reception.

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