The accompanying programs of the AMPER 2022 trade fair include the fifth year of the AMPER STARTUP show, the main goal of which is to support start-up companies and create excellent conditions for business presentations. At AMPER STARTUP, young companies can present their innovation projects, show their business model and potentially reach new investors. AMPER STARTUP is an ideal place for a successful market entry.

Take advantage of advantageous conditions and register your startup for AMPER STARTUP 2022!

The joint exposition of start-up companies will be located in Hall P, near COMPUTER STAGE.

AMPER STARTUP 2022 presents ...            

24 VISION a.s.     
24Vision system - Artificial intelligence for quality control

The 24Vision system works on the basis of neural networks, thanks to which it is able to offer the customer a quality control tool that thinks like a human, but works with the precision of a machine. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the reliability of our system is higher than 99%.
The advantages are in particular: 100% defect detection in an unlimited number of inspected areas; product configuration check vs. real state; product quality evaluation within 1 s; finding weak links in production.

"Thanks to 24VS, you will be sure that no defective product will leave your line."

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no. P 6.40

Benetronic s.r.o.
IOT Cloud and smart sensors - Czech system for the implementation of not only world ideas

IOT Cloud is a data storage with a user interface that allows you to process, analyze and display data from our, but not only our IOT modules, sensors. The data is displayed in a user-friendly, modern graphical way on computers and mobile platforms.
For example, the user can easily create a smart home solution or a new innovative tool for people with disabilities that will help him live a better life, or an application not only for various home improvers, but also functional solutions for companies (attendance, motion monitoring in the building, etc.).
People in prefabricated houses can find out where you can save on lighting, city dwellers document the numbers and graphs of the noise level in their surroundings during the guarded period, and last but not least, companies can have information about how many cars passed through the gate and when the jubilee car passes a siren is triggered for the celebration, which can only be turned off by the director from his mobile phone.

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no. P 6.42

Ceelabs s.r.o.    

MeriTO ANALYTICS is an IoT solution for second non-invasive online power consumption measurement. The MeriTO ANALYTICS solution combines smart metering of MeriTO BASE, MeriTO OCTOPUS and MeriTO VISUAL cloud services for displaying measured quantities and MeriTO IDENT for support of manual and automatic appliance recognition. The solution enables the transport of measured data via WiFi, LoRa, or Ethernet or GSM technologies and at the same time high security at the level of transmission and subsequent data processing in the cloud.
MeriTO ANALYTICS is a solution for online measurement and identification of non-standard conditions for use in segments such as: electricity distribution; audit and optimization of electricity consumption in buildings, shared spaces and in production; smart homes, photovoltaics, EV charging, and more.

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no. P 6.32

IQHUBS s.r.o.    
IQHUBS measures and monitors production

IQHUBS is an innovative service that measures and monitors production. Not once a month, not daily, but 24/7, non-stop, online. You can view the graphically understandable and smart measurement output on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Sensors can be used to measure various quantities and data is transferred to the cloud. Thanks to the IQHUBS application, the company has information about OEE on individual machines and sites in the web environment. Even on those that are still immeasurable! This provides information on overall production productivity. Both at individual workplaces and throughout the company.
For production companies, this service increases production efficiency and significantly saves costs, time and reduces the worries of employees, managers and business owners. The IQHUBS application can be integrated into all company systems.

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no. P 6.36

Senzoor Czech, s.r.o.    
Smart sensors not only for the home

The Brno startup designs and develops innovative services and solutions using data from smart sensor devices, which it develops and manufactures itself. Data transmission sensors use new networks for the Internet of Things, so-called LPWAN networks. In addition to the development of sensor devices, it also provides data connectivity and data processing through cloud services with its own development. He is able to pass on the processed data to third parties in various formats or create a tailor-made application for them.
The following applications will be introduced: Monitoring of office occupancy, positioning inside buildings, measuring the temperature and humidity of the transport chain, detection of the number of moving objects within the defined area without the use of cameras, monitoring of green wall irrigation and security button for seniors.

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no. P 6.34

Venlan, s.r.o.   
Universal RFID reader and Open Cloud Smartware

Venlan will introduce a universal RFID reader that allows you to connect multiple antennas. Readers can be integrated into the system of various manufacturers. The reader offers advanced control, management and automatic configuration options.
It will also introduce the universal Open Cloud Smartware software solution, which enables the integration of smart devices from various manufacturers into a single central ecosystem, offering advanced control, management and automatic configuration options.

The presentation of the company will be on view on stand no P 6.38

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