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6. Drives, Power Supply, Electromobility

SALTEK s.r.o.

stand V 2.39


web: www.saltek.eu
e-mail: info@saltek.cz
tel: +420 475 655 511

Drážďanská 85, 400 07 Ústí nad Labem, CZ

We are a leading Czech company specialising in the development and production of surge protective devices. We offer either a complete range of Type 1 to 3 Surge protective devices for low-voltage power systems according to EN 61643-11 or surge protective devices for informatics, measurement & control and telecommunications.

SALTEK® products provide protection against atmospheric and technological overvoltage and ensure safe and trouble-free operation of technological equipment, machinery and electrical appliances in industry, transport, telecommunications, data centres, office buildings as well as households.

Introducing a new feature: In main switchboards, where the SPD pre-fuse is higher than 250 A, or its value is not known in advance, protection with an integrated current disconnector of the FLP-25-T1-VSF series (SPD type 1) or FLP-B+C- can be used MAXI-VSF (SPD type 1 and 2), without the need for additional pre-fuse.

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