GaN for Infotainment / Class-D Audio

07. 03. 2023 | Finepower Introduces: EPC's gallium nitride (GaN) devices deliver 2x higher power density than silicon MOSFETs, do not require a heat sink, and enable easier power amplifier scaling in high-performance home, professional, automotive and marine audio applications.

With a coefficient of performance (resistance x gate charge) that is >5 times better than silicon MOSFETs, a zero charge in the reverse direction, and a linear Coss, 80-200 V GaN solutions deliver unprecedented value to the audio system. EPC's discrete and integrated GaN solutions provide the foundational building blocks that enable audio designers to innovate their audio products. Design smaller form factor applications, overcome thermal challenges, enable better audio performance to have a better listening experience with gallium nitride technology. The advantages of gallium nitride technology in Class D audio systems at high powers above 100 W/channel include: twice the power in the same/smaller footprint, 500 W/channel without mechanical heat sinks, lower power consumption at no-load, reduction in LPF size, and easier multi-channel scaling due to a smaller Class D power amplifier per channel. In addition, GaN offers better audio performance, such as better SNR, lower THD+N and lower T-IMD, due to the cleaner switching and shorter dead time of GaN. If you would like a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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