Introducing the exhibitor... IQRF Alliance

23. 01. 2023 | Non-profit organization IQRF Alliance z.s. supports the development of technologies, end products, software, solutions, services and projects based on IQRF® technology. The Czech IoT IQRF technology for wireless mesh networks has been continuously improved since 2004, an extensive ecosystem has emerged around the technology, and its uniqueness is evidenced not only by dozens of granted patents, but by almost a million various IQRF devices around the world. You can find the IQRF Alliance stand in hall P.

After 18 years of intensive IQRF technology development, Open IQRF was announced in November 2022 as the first completely open and free IQRF standard for wireless mesh networks. The goal is for the widest possible range of manufacturers and customers to profit from the benefits of IQRF wireless mesh technology. These are mainly industrial reliability, simple integration, ultimate security, interoperability and really low energy consumption.

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