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13. Services, education, media and institutions

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ACRIOS Systems s.r.o. ACRIOS Systems s.r.o. ACRIOS Systems s.r.o. is a young technology company focused on software... P 6.31
AXIOM TECH s.r.o. AXIOM TECH s.r.o. AXIOM TECH is a leader in CAx/PLM technologies and partner of Siemens... V 6.16
BD SENSORS s.r.o. BD SENSORS s.r.o. Development and production of pressure transmitters and submersible... V 6.13
BHV senzory s.r.o. Pressure transmitters, pressure guages, diaphragm chemical seals.... V 4.15
BV elektronik s.r.o. BV elektronik s.r.o. P 6.17
Česká agentura pro standardizaci, s.p.o. Česká agentura pro standardizaci, s.p.o. P 5.49
DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG. DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG. Lighting protection and earthing components, overvoltage protection in... P 4.28
Economia Trainings, Economia, a.s. Economia Trainings, Economia, a.s. P 6.12
Elektor International Media Elektor International Media Every issue of Elektor magazine is loaded with up-to-date news and...
Elektrotechnický svaz český, z.s. Elektrotechnický svaz český, z.s.
ESB Elektrické stroje, a.s. ESB Elektrické stroje, a.s. ESB Elektrické stroje, a.s. - with a tradition stretching back to 1952... P 2.09
ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. product range include Power Transformers... P 2.09
EVMAPA, s.r.o. EVMAPA, s.r.o. Charging stations for EVs - billing and back-end system, instalation,... AMPER MOTION
ICOSA s.r.o. ICOSA s.r.o.
Iftest AG Iftest is your system partner for industrial and medical electronics. ... F 4.07
ILLKO, s.r.o. Measuring instruments for inspection of electrical installations,... V 2.17
IMT Technologies & Solutions s.r.o. F 2.08
Ing. Miroslav Pícha, P-TRADING P 1.03
Inspecto s.r.o. Inspecto s.r.o. Inspecto s.r.o. develops and distributes INSPECTO – an inspection... P 5.47
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Exhibition map


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For Exhibitors of the AMPER Trade Fair has been negotiated special dicount in neighbouring hotels of the Brno Exhibition Centre!

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27th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Energetics, Automation, Communication, Lighting, and Security Technologies


Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre

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