Exhibitors list 2018


10. Automation, control and regulation

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A.P.O. - ELMOS v.o.s.
BIBUS s.r.o. BIBUS s.r.o.
CRESSTO s.r.o. Czech company producing pressure transmitters and digital gauges for...
Dinel, s.r.o. Dinel, s.r.o. Manufacturer of electronic systems for level and flow measurement of...
E-THERM a.s. E-THERM a.s.
JUMO Měření a regulace s.r.o. JUMO Měření a regulace s.r.o.
MAVIS Nový Bor s.r.o. MAVIS Nový Bor s.r.o. Thermocouples and resistence sensors inc. accessories, gas and liquid...
MERCOM COMPONENTA, s.r.o. MERCOM COMPONENTA, s.r.o. Industrial safety switching and automation systems, safety, magnetic,...
PROFESS, spol. s r.o. Process Control Instrumentation. Machine Monitoring Systems.
Schmachtl CZ spol. s r.o. Schmachtl CZ spol. s r.o. Schmachtl is the exclusive representative of world fmaous manufacturers...
SENSIT s.r.o.
TR instruments spol. s r.o. TR instruments spol. s r.o. Supplies of measuring systems for industry, R&D, health care,...
Treston spol. s r.o. Treston spol. s r.o. Temperature and pressure sensors (and to the Ex), transmitters, power...
Turck, s.r.o. Turck, s.r.o. Turck is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation. With...

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26th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Communication, Lighting and Security Technologies


Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre

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