In an open lecture space in the exhibition hall V,  the cycle of lectures will introduce advanced automation and measuring techniques as well as industrial informatics tools for digitization, cloud services and cyber security. Digital Transformation of Industry has been chosen by Automa magazine as the motto of Automation Forum, as the professional community is now watching the stunning advance in this field. Invited visitors as well as random experts will be attracted to attend the interesting program that will be focussed on specific topics:

Tuesday, 20th March            digital transformation of industry, cloud services, cyber security

Wednesday, 21st March       robotics, production lines, assembly lines

Thursday, 22nd March          automation and measuring technology in production plants

Friday, 23rd March                 education for modern industrial production


Hall V, booth 4.18


 Tuesday, 20thMarch 2018      Digital transformation of industry


10:00 National Center of Industry 4.0 – Current information from the digital transformation of Czech industry

How is National Center of Industry 4.0 and cooperation between firms and universities developing. Presentation of current experiences from the Czech Republic and the world. (Roman Holý, NCP 4.0)

10:45 InTouch OMI platform for the operator sites in the digital age

Substational innovation of software platform Wonderware System Platform 2017 is the visualization client called InTouch OMI (Operations Management Interface) setting new benchmarks for SCADA / HMI visualization applications. (Jaroslav Jarka, Pantek (CS)) 

11:30 Easy digitalization

Production Cell 4.0 demonstrating the basic principles of the Industry 4.0 concept and the consultancy program Digimat – these are the core activities of the centre INTEMAC, which supports companies in the implementation of digitalization. Production Cell 4.0 allows you to test and verify partial solutions based on digital technologies. (Jiří Neužil, Intemac Solutions)

12:15 Control Web 8, a software environment for industry digitization

Introduction of new functions of the eighth generation of Control Web and the possibility of implementing automation solutions for smart production (Roman Cagaš, Moravské přístroje)

13:00 In depth analysis of the production process

Automated industrial production is based on extended, complex, and very often unique integrated systems. By collecting the data from machines and other devices, the producer can achieve detailed overview of the real production course and hidden contexts. Data analysis can lead to optimization. (Tomáš Moser, ALEF NULA, a. s.)

13:45 Servis Pro – a complete tool to increase service efficiency

ServisPro is a comprehensive tool for lifecycle care. This tool enables proactive access, increases service efficiency, helps preventing the failures, and provides a clear overview of the maintenance and status of a specific device. (Martin Číčel, ABB)

14:30 Common sense vs. Artificial Intelligence

We are being convinced that the artificial intelligence on the big data base will lead to the optimal solution. Is this statement true even for industrial enterprises? (Radim Adam, časopis Automa)


Wednesday 21st March 2018            Automation, robotics and production and assembly lines


10:00 Application of Industry 4.0 principle in the development of robotic applications

On the example of real application for mounting components will be presented how data on product, process and technology are collected, processed, and used in an environment of small batch production. (Bohumil Čapek, Foxconn 4Tech)

10:45 Service robotics

The lecture will give an overview of the use of service robots in farming, industry, army, rescue units, etc. with a focus on development in the field of drones. (František Duchoň, STU Bratislava)

11:30 Training and seminars on industrial maintenance measurements

Measurements within maintenance of drives– preventive and predictive maintenance tools – the quality of electrical energy and its influence on production facilities – fundamentals of thermal imaging – fundamentals of electrical energy quality and Measurement – measurement by industrial oscilloscope. (Jaroslav Smetana, Blue Panther)

12:15  800xA Alarm Management

The system 800xA Alarm Management is designed to identify the problems caused by the large number of alarms that are generated by the control systems of almost all technological sectors. It collects and evaluates data, generates reports that are available to employees who can help resolve their redundancy. (Martin Kolařík, ABB)

13:00 T&M Challenges on SiC- or GaN-based Power Designs

The need of high efficient, small and lighweight power converters pave the way for WideBandGap semiconductors. This talk will give a short introduction on typical measurement around power converter designs and will highlight the changing T&M requirements which come along with the use of WBG semiconductors. (Thomas Rottach, Rohde & Schwarz)

14:15 The right direction in the field of leakage and functionality

An overview of individual devices for leakage and functionality measuring when using air media. Introducing a new system ZEDeco with integrated OPC-UA that is compatible with Industry 4.0. (Pavel Straka, Zeltwanger)

15:00 New player on the market automatizes thermal interface materials applications

 For perfect results in thermal interface material automatic applications, choosing the right equipment is key. With years of experience in fluid handling equipment, Graco has a complete range of equipment for thermal interface applications and during the presentation we will be sharing our range and experiences.


Thursday, 22nd March 2018  Automation and measuring technology at manufacturing plants


10:00 Get overview and control over energy consumption

Advanced solution for measuring, monitoring and control of power consumption based on analysis and optimization and consumption prediction not only in production but also in many other areas using industrial IoT platform, infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. (Pavel Vrba, Foxconn 4Tech)

10:45 Revolutionary iTherm TrustSens thermometer

Compact iTHERM TrustSens TM371 thermometer for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The sensor excels in a fully automatic self-calibration function that allows monitoring of temperature measurement in hygienic and aseptic applications without interrupting the process. Not only reliability but also the usability of the whole plant is growing. (Dalibor Prokel, Endress+Hauser) 

11:30 Unusual solutions for pressure gauges and transducers

How to measure the pressure of aggressive liquids and gases, abrasive or solidifying mixtures, how to measure at high temperature, with high radioactivity or under extreme mechanical conditions, etc. Examples of applications. (Jan Vaculík, BHV senzory)

12:15 Electricity as a raw material in industrial production

Electricity properties affecting production, product quality and finance. What includes In-depth Quality Audit of Power Quality, Audit of Consumption and Savings - Savings Map and Audit of Electric Drives. (Jaroslav Smetana, Blue Panther)


1. Introduction of Italian Association of Mechatronics and Automation (Fabio Giacobbi, Camozzi Automation)

2. Multitechnological approach Camozzi: Different technologies to find diverse solutions: pneumatic, proportional, and electrical (Petr Brabenec, Camozzi Automation)

13:45 Compressed air quality measurement

Compressed air is the most expensive energy used in industry and its quality (according to ISO 8573: particle, humidity, oil) often has a major impact on the efficiency and quality of production. Automation of conditioning and measurement of compressed air. Reversal of myths. (Stanislav Bernard, Vladimír Maier, Karel Pánek, Jan Zatloukal, BEKO Technologies)

15:00 Measurement and control of chemicals, food, and biotechnological processes

The new two-part monograph provides a broad overview of expert information from process quantities measuring and technological processes control. It is intended for technical staff in various industries (food, chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmacy) as well as for professional public and students of technical fields. (Karel Kadlec, VŠCHT Praha)


Friday 23rd March 2018         Education for modern industrial production


10:45 Silver Piston 2018 contest for High School Students
The high school students compete in knowledge of industrial automation and pneumatic systems in Silver Piston contest. Demonstration of the comprehensive concept of training modules for industrial automation education - SMC eLearning online courses, AutoSIM simulation software and SMC training modules (Jiří Zavřel, SMC)

11:30 Control by means of Foxtrot

Demonstration of the use of PLC systems when teaching automation techniques at high school. (Lukáš Cach, Vít Řehák, High school and vocational school of applicated cybernetics, Hradec Králové)


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