AMPER START UP is an accompanying program of AMPER enabling new and growing companies to present at the fair without the need for costly investments.

The joint stand presented side by side companies with different nomenclature classification but one common denominator - the courage and desire to succeed with a new vision. Visitors could enjoy the exhibits of software, control and measurement, smart homes and comprehensive solution Synergy House, a home functioning in synergy with its surroundings. This presentation together with technologies for Smart City allowed visitors to explore in practice what the concept of synergy building and smart city means.

You could find the joint exhibition of Start Up Companies in Exhibit Hall F, exhibition area N. F 2.27. Organizer of the accompanying program: Ing. Fr. Hamrozi,, +420 724 612 072.

Participants in the program AMPER START UP 2017:

Controller CLARE 5 from CLASIC CZ 

Would you like a controller with a choice of what you are interested in on the main screen? The controller with which you write a message or set the heating of 1 ° C / year? The controller that replaces multiple devices and yet is really easy to use? Then try to read more ...

Programmable controller CLARE 5 allows even with its compact size accurately manage up to 9 control circuits. Thanks to the touch screen, large buttons and design control firmware is most comfortable and intuitive. Graphics coprocessor then provides smooth display. To increase the comfort everyone can choose or directly on the controller to create your favorite look of the main screen.

  • 3.5 "color touch panel (resistive / capacitive)
  • multiple levels of service (thermostat to expert mode)
  • intuitive control with integrated help
  • configurable design (16 screens)
  • 12 optional modules / 16 positions on the screen
  • Modules (graphs, CCW. / dig. indicator, history, etc.)
  • Gadgets (timer, calculator, notes, etc.)
  • up to 9 precision 24-bit ADCs
  • selectable number of analog / digital inputs / outputs
  • Modern vícesadová PID and fuzzy 
  • controlaccurate ramp (1 ° C / year), correction curves
  • 99 user programs with 99 blocks
  • unlimited records data and events (16GB)
  • wide connectivity LAN / USB / RS-232/485
  • further expansion via external modules
  • standard 1/4 DIN, Czech product and price

The regulator was introduced by the company CLASIC CZ, ,

MeetingRoomApp from

MeetingRoomApp is a modern digital reservation system designed to manage meeting and conference rooms. Smart technology effectively manages and plans business meetings, simplifies business processes and helps to make a better use of business premises.

Reservation can be made during the meeting time directly using the display of the device at the meeting room, or from the comfort of your computer or mobile device on the way to work. All information about current and planned meetings are therefore centralized and digitized.

The functionality of Android, iOS and Web AppIntegration with other systems - Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365Maximum user-friendly application environment, and modern designA number of great features that effectively help with the organization of meetingsThree variants of the product - Mini, Cloud and On-Premise

"MeetingRoomApp is a system that is very popular and successfully being sold worldwide. It is an innovation that help companies to save money, time and increases their productivity. Thanks to the location of the device directly at the meeting room it is a modern way of managing business premises. We in our stand at the fair welcome." adds Miroslav Vicanová, Marketing Manager

Startup product MeetingRoomApp was introduced by the company,,

Synergy house from Synercom

Synercom Company Ltd. deals with technologies designed primarily to flats, but also family houses, or the offices and production buildings. It focuses on the design and implementation of technologies that improve quality of the living, it aims mainly at reducing its operation costs. "The beginning of everything is communication." Says Synercom's coordinator, Ms. Veronika Vališová. "We see everything in a broader context, we find connections between devices in a way to achieve synergy." (Synergy means cooperation, joint action - ed. Author)."We would like to introduce the concept of the most effective "synergy" house along with systems for Smart City."

A model of a synergy house will be actually created at AMPER. Project and design according to Mr. MgA. Martin Tocháčka, realized by Synercom company in cooperation with a number of partners. What will be the synergy house at AMPER build from?

battca - "battery assistance to top (up) capacity (of) accumulation"

  • Actively Balanced battery set with an accumulation of 3 kWh
  • Continuous load 9 kW
  • Peak loads up to 40 kW (max - 3s) (theoretically up to 60 kW)
  • Very fast charge - 75% charge in + - 20 min.
  • Zero memory effect
  • Long life (30% utilization per day = up to 25 years, the use of 80% per day = 12 years)
  • Variable power as needed
  • It is designed for: Hybrid photovoltaic power / Green UPS / Smart Grid 


  • House manager
  • The system of remote reading of power consumption
  • Supervision and administration of the settlement in real time
  • Overview of energy consumption 24/7 365 days a year
  • Custom Web Interfaceeasily scalable
  • It is designed for: end users in residential buildings / Chairman of the condominium / estate manager / administrator housing cooperatives / town / city / district / developers Smart waste management

System designed to simplify the collection of municipal waste

  • It can identify fullness of a bin / container / and other types of containers for mixed waste
  • Schedules efficient collection route 
  • It is designed for: city / town area           

  • Applications for smart urban parking
  • It allows online payment for parking
  • You can find free parking space
  • It offers navigation and extension of parking time to people who do not know the city
  • Integrates systems, parking sensors and smart cameras solutions
  • Facilitates parking within cities, residents and the disabled
  • To those who do not have a smart phone it allows payment via SMS. 

Synergy house was introduced by the company Synercom,,

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