AMPER STARTUP is a part of an accompanying program of AMPER trade fair.  It enables new and emerging companies to present themselvesat the fair without the need for costly investment.

At this year's AMPER trade fair, the participation of start up companies has increased significantly compared to the last year. At the joint exhibition, companies with different nomenclature fields, but one common denominator, will be introduced next to each other - the courage and the desire to take on a new vision.

The main theme in STARTUP will be industrial process monitoring using sigifox networks and other custom networks. New in the field will also introduce: for example, a prototype representing an economical and variable alternative to small PLCs, based on already implemented controls, such as winders, mechanical presses, and camera trolleys. STARTUP projects will also focus on technical diagnostics of production machines and processing of signals from mechanical systems to create sustainable industry and to help the production companies in the care of their production machines.

The joint exhibition of STARTUP companies will be presented in the exhibition hall P.

Organizer: Gabriela Kupčová,, +420 724 612 075.

Participants of AMPER START UP 2018:

Predictive Machine Maintenance from 4dot Mechatronic Systems

cSME Instrument is an EU program to support small and medium-sized companies with breakthrough technologies with potential in the European and global markets.Our company succeeded in the program and received an excellent evaluation of thirteen points out of fifteen but did not get funding for its project. The European Commission grants the Seal of Excellence to these projects. Our company ranked among the most promising startups in Europe and was only the 9th firm that received support from SME Instrument or SME Instrument Brno in the Czech Republic.

The 4dot project comes with one of the partial solutions for the Industry 4.0 concept. It helps manufacturing companies implement predictive maintenance. Based on vibrations and other physical variables from forming and machining machines, it can predict the approaching failure and minimize its impact, reducing total production costs in the order of percents. 4dot technology is used from high-speed machining machines to high-speed machines from the orders of Herz units. The project within SME Instrument Brno deals with the solution of forming machine diagnostics, which is a unique European scale and a global scale. "Our solution provides information on when a particular component is broken. This information allows you to take measures that ensure production quality, reducing energy and material consumption, shortening repair time, saving time for technicians and skilled workers to repair, unimpeded benefit being a reduction in stress caused by an unplanned shutdown of production capacities.

BigClown IoT Kit for Makers                                                                                     
from Hardwario

BigClown is an open-source IoT construction kit for makers from which you can build your own battery-powered IoT device without the need for soldering or wiring. Device communicates safely in the sub-GHz band (868 MHz in Europe, 915 MHz in the US) and can run on batteries for more than 2 years. The entire ecosystem is modular at the hardware and software levels. For typical projects, you can use the ready-made firmware, or you can modify GitHub resources or start from the very beginning using our innovative, high-level APIs. The system includes clear documentation and tutorials of sample projects.

MLASCAN from Marek Mleziva

Control cards "MLAsCAN"
A set of these cards can serve as a cost-effective alternative to small PLCs. It is based on presses, cameras, winders, coordinate drives, dispensers, etc. It uses precision converters, power drivers, WiFi modules. Simple design and good connectivity makes it easy to design a new card according to customer requirements. Effective, flexible "firmware" is documented and freely customizable, just like a Windows and Android monitoring and control program.

Remote Reading of the Electrometer via Sigfox network from ASN PLUS

The remote reading of the meter is a typical representative of the Sigfox network, a network for the Internet of Things. Our company specializes in the development of such applications. We use an innovative way to develop electronics. Thanks to this we are able to reduce development time from several months to weeks or even days. We demonstrate on meter reading devices how we approach development and why we can be fast and efficient.

LoRaWAN Conventor ACR-MB-L-001/ACR-MDBR-L-001  
from ACRIOS Systems

The LoRaWAN converter is used to connect devices that are capable of communicating via M-Bus or RS485-bus to LoRaWAN networks. LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, with LoRaWAN allowing wireless communication over long distances it is bi-directional, safe and at low cost.

It is a technology suitable for use in IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (machine-to-machine) communication and Smart City concepts. To connect the transmitter, the device connected to it can be used on the Internet either on a public or private LoRaWAN network. The public LoRaWAN network within the Czech Republic provides a similar service to classical mobile operators such as the company České radiokomunikace a.s. and gradually it covers the territory of the Czech Republic. For example, a private LoRaWAN network  build and use any subject to transfer tha data within  its community, city, or industrial area.

The principle of the convertor activity consists in the periodic reading of the data from the connected device, formatting it according to the configuration and forwarding of the data thus modified through the LoRaWAN network to the Internet. The convertor is battery-powered and designed with respect to the maximum battery life when reading data once per hour up to 7 years. It is also fully configurable, either locally via the supplied SW and USB cable or remotely through the LoRaWAN network.

It is possible to configure M-Bus or RS485 communication parameters, LoRaWAN interface, data reading period, and data formatting patterns. Typical LoRaWAN applications include smart metering or process monitoring in industrial production. The main benefits that make use of the converter are:

  • When using for remote energy readings, transport costs and the time of people who carry out readings are eliminated.
  • Eliminate the number of service interventions associated with replacing batteries with today's used GSM transducers for remote meter readings.
  • With long distance wireless communication, it is possible to eliminate the cost of installing cabling.
  • The ability to detect unauthorized interference with measuring devices based on a trend shift or other change in received data.
  • The ability to predict subscriptions based on historical data.
  • For smart metering applications, it is possible to introduce new innovative tariffs based on knowledge of consumer consumption patterns.


The result of each test depends to a large extent on correct sampling and transport. To ensure high quality testing, TRINSA provides customers with TrinsKit sampling kits that ensure not only proper oil sampling but also storage and shipping.

Depending on the type of tests ordered, the kits are equipped with injection syringes (for DGA analysis), samplers (for physicochemical analyzes) or both.

For reasons of work safety and environmental care, the sets also contain gloves and protective bags.

Labeling labels and, in accordance with the instructions, allows you to safely and correctly remove the oil sample for analysis.


UL 508A standard switchboards, Smart Light Control software and SCC system from Gusto Energy

In 2017 Gusto Energy s.r.o. successfully completed certification for the production of technology switchboards according to UL 508A, North America and Canada. With this innovative technology, we want to expand applications to Czech manufacturers of technological units that are expanding to the US and Canada markets.

Gusto Energy s.r.o. has established a partnership with Euro Smart Light. It sells and installs a LED-based smart light system and also supplies a software platform for managing public lighting and smart cities. From the communication and software platforms to the separate lights.

The SLC (Smart Light Control) software platform allows you to passport the VO system and carry the accessory, easy maintenance planning and normative revisions. The SCC (Smart City Control) system, on the other hand, enables the entire city to integrate, from lamps to clever sensors such as parking, navigation boards, transit sensors.


 SimplePack, SimpleLeak              from SimpleCell Hardware

SimpleHW represents the smallest, easiest and cheapest IoT hardware communicating over the Sigfox network. You will find a button, motion sensor, tracking device, flood detector, and other products to quickly and easily implement your IoT project.


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