Particularly reserved section of AMPER 2020 in Hall P named AMPER 5G EXPERIENCE ZONE is designed especially for exhibitors from the branches of telecommunications and digitalisation, as well as all other companies that want to present their products and services in connection with this innovative technology.

The new generation of the 5G network will be presented by Vodafone at its stand in Hall P. The visitors will learn what innovations enables the 5G-based mobile private network (MPN), how will the AR / VR technology help in the production, or how the first “5G smart factory” for electric cars in Aachen, Germany looks like.

We will also present cooperation with cities from the 5G for 5 Cities competition announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Three out of five cities are building their digital strategy with Vodafone (Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary and Jeseník) and will win state support for testing and using 5G technologies, as well as for the development of smart cities.

What is 5G

Fifth-generation networks deliver not only multiply higher bit rates, but also fast response and much higher capacity to connect many data-intensive devices, including sensors, online. Besides the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) applications, Vodafone is also preparing services and solutions for industry, transport, energetics, smart cities or telemedicine development through 5G networks.

“In the new 5G network, we combine the best technologies currently available on the market, not dependent on one supplier. Thanks to a combination of technical resources from a number of companies, we have achieved top service parameters, maximum network security and efficiency of spectrum usage, ”explained Milan Zíka, Vodafone's vice president of technology.

What will the 5G network bring

 For individuals and families

  • Faster data transfer without delay for everyone. Good news for example for online games lovers.
  • Development of remote care of the doctor by the patient, saving time. More information = better diagnosis.
  • Mobile virtual and augmented reality: developing of entertainment or even tourist guides too.
  • It will reduce the centralization of working in the cities, fast networks will allow people to work also from the countryside, and work involvement will be easier for mothers on maternity leaves.

 For business and industry

  •  Wireless: private and secure mobile networks for factories and businesses.
  • More flexibility on the production line.
  • More efficient, faster, more stable and reliable data transfer
  • The way to smarter, more independent and useful robots.
  • Better field work, augmented reality renders the architect's details of the building, it will showthe lift repairman's the construction of the lift.
  • More efficient and gentle agriculture, which uses online sensors with information such as humidity and temperature.

 For cities, municipalities, state

  • Smart city without traffic jams - cars, traffic lights and public transport communicate together.
  • The next generation of children will no longer experience boredom in the classroom, virtual trips to distant or inaccessible places can become the norm.
  • More security: faster data transfers and smarter technology will allow better surveillance in public areas and could help prevent dangerous situations.
  • CO2 savings: accurate real-time information save energy. For example within garbage collection, lighting or parking.


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