15. 03. 2017 AXIMA presents SmartMONITOR from WERMA – the smart alternative of MDC systems

SmartMONITOR is the smart MDC alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise their manufacturing processes. SmartMONITOR provides all of the relevant data for machines, systems and manual workstations easily at the touch of a button. Unlike conventional,complex MDC systems, SmartMONITOR is a simple, wireless-based retrofit solution for signalling and analysing your entire production facility - at a glance.

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15. 03. 2017 INFOMA – database of certified companies

INFOMA - Media Partners of AMPER 2017 prepares the eighteenth year of professional yearbooks ENERGY - ENGINEERING 2018. Yearbook provides information on companies operating in the energy, electronics and mechanical engineering in Slovakia.

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15. 03. 2017 EUROSTAT: leader for protective packaging against ESD

From the 80's, EUROSTAT started to engineer product fighting against ESD hazards. Today EUROSTAT has become the European leader in manufacturing ESD products. With HQ in France, EUROSTAT has branches and a wide distributor network across Europe.

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14. 03. 2017 CLARE 5 - create your own controller design

Would you like to have a controller where you set what you will see on main screen? The controller where you can write a note or set ramp 1°C per year? The controller which replace many devices and has simple intuitive interface at once? Then try to read more...

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14. 03. 2017 PQ MONITOR MEG44

The MEg44 monitor measures 3 voltages and 3 currents of the DTS transformer at the LV. It provides the functions of recording, electricity meter and voltage quality analysis. It can be fitted with a module recording the switching overvoltages up to 6 kV.

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