23. 03. 2018 A perfect control of the production from anywhere using the smartphone

Company Leonardo presents its solution mySCADA at the stand. Its product of the same name, the professional SCADA / HMI (Human Machine Interface) system, is designed for industrial automation - specifically for automated data collection and application for industrial process management using mobile and smart devices.

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22. 03. 2018 The new drive combines the advantages of others

In particular, REM-Technik represents drives, sensors and control systems, components for control and measurement systems and components for robotics. However, there are a number of other presentations, such as the latest news, Stober LeanMotor, which REM-Technik represents on the Czech market.

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22. 03. 2018 Invitation to Panter

Electricity as a raw material, as well as its precise measurement and parameter finding, is the subject of the Blue Panther show at AMPER. She has prepared not only lectures on this issue, but she also offers the opportunity to practice a number of instruments and equipment in her exposition.

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21. 03. 2018 ABB introduces the new OppCharge charging technology for the first time in the Czech Republic

It is the first time in the Czech Republic to introduce an OppCharge fast charger for electrical city buses, which reliably serves many European cities. Thanks to a short charging time, typically 3-6 minutes at end stops, this system can be easily integrated into existing public transport.

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21. 03. 2018 AMPER robots no longer caged

As with other industrial fairs focused on modern production, AMBER can not miss robots and automation. One of the representatives of these facilities - a collaborative robot capable of direct co-operation with people - can be seen in the exhibition Frenštát pod Radhoštěm Elektropohony, which is a partner of the Yaskawa brand.

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