Protect your PCBs even in the harshest environments

22. 03. 2017 | Silicone conformal coatings from ACC Silicones Europe protect PCBs from moisture and chemical attack, even in the most demanding environments so are ideal for use in automotive, aerospace, marine and aviation applications.

ACC Silicones, part of the ICM Silicones Group, have over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of silicone products to the electronics and other industries and offer a variety of silicone and acrylic conformal coatings for PCBs, which can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing. These products are applied as a thin layer across the surface of the board, covering all components and delicate wiring, protecting the PCB board in critical applications which can be exposed to harsh environmental working conditions thus helping to prevent product failure. ACC Silicones conformal coating products include a choice of air dry, heat cure and RTV cure versions, have low viscosity and excellent adhesion qualities and temperature resistance from -55°C up to +200°C. Experienced technical staff are available to advise on the most suitable product for your particular situation and application. In addition, ACC’s conformal coatings are ideal for use in LED lighting applications because of their high temperature resistance. ACC also manufacture a wide range of other products which are perfect for use in these applications, including optically clear encapsulants and gels, sealants and adhesives. Their SILCOTHERM® range of thermally conductive adhesive sealants, gap filler and encapsulants have been specially formulated to dissipate heat away from a component to a suitable heat sink to improve performance and product life. The liquid nature of these materials reduces air gaps and further increases the effective dissipation of heat when compared with other preformed materials. SILCOTHERM products can also be used to improve heat conduction in sensors, radiators and other thermal devices. Meet ACC Silicones Europe on booth F1.20 to find out more about their full range of silicone products or visit for further information.

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