CLARE 5 - create your own controller design

14. 03. 2017 | Would you like to have a controller where you set what you will see on main screen? The controller where you can write a note or set ramp 1°C per year? The controller which replace many devices and has simple intuitive interface at once? Then try to read more...

Programmable controller CLARE 5 allows to manage up to 9 control loops even at its compact size. The use of controller is the easiest and intuitive thanks to touch screen, big buttons and firmware design. Graphic coprocessor ensures fluent presentation. Everybody can choose or create own favorite design of main screen directly on the controller for even higher comfort.

CLARE 5 features:
- modular programmable temperature controller
- 3,5" color touch screen (resistive / capacitive)
- almost immediate start of the controller (less than 1 s)
- user level selection (from the thermostat up to expert mode)
- intuitive control with integrated guidance
- rich selection of predefined main screen designs
- fully configurable design (16 own screen designs)
- 12 scalable modules and 16 possible position selection
- graph modul, analog/digital meters, history etc.
- miniapplications (stopwatch, countdown, calc, notes)
- user defined shift menu (4 user buttons)
- leave message or reminder possibility
- modern multiple PID sets and fuzzy control
- accurate ramps (1°C/year), thermocouple correction curves
- 99 user programs with 99 blocks (11 commands)
- unlimited data and event logs (16 GB memory)
- database of realized temperature processes
- electric energy consumption counters
- powerfull graphic and sound coprocessor
- up to 9 accurate 24-bits ADC converters
- selectable number of analog/digital inputs/outputs
- wide connectivity LAN/USB/RS-232/485
- further expansion by external modules
- 1/4 DIN standard, Czech product and price

Accept our invitation to the presentation of the new controller at the Amper Start Up program (exposition F2.27)


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