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Order form for participation - AMPER 2018 128 kB, edited: 28.4.2017 DOWNLOAD
Nomenclature - AMPER 2018 142 kB, edited: 11.10.2017 DOWNLOAD
Order form - ZLATÝ AMPER 2018 177 kB, edited: 5.1.2018 DOWNLOAD
Order form for presentation in printed and online catalog 718 kB, edited: 11.10.2017 DOWNLOAD
- marketing and production services, accommodation, catering
2,05 MB, edited: 10.11.2017 DOWNLOAD
Order - Steel lines from ceilings 221 kB, edited: 14.12.2017 DOWNLOAD
Technical services pricelist – AMPER 2018 7,07 MB, edited: 30.8.2017 DOWNLOAD
Revision of electrical installation 326 kB, edited: 30.8.2017 DOWNLOAD
Application for stand approval 71 kB, edited: 30.8.2017 DOWNLOAD
Technical and safety instructions 415 kB, edited: 30.8.2017 DOWNLOAD
Final Report - AMPER 2017 3,5 MB, edited: 24.4.2017 DOWNLOAD
Logo AMPER 2018 25 kB, edited: 24.4.2017 DOWNLOAD
Logo AMPER 2018 future technologies 32 kB, edited: 24.4.2017 DOWNLOAD
Logo AMPER 2018 with motif 803 kB, edited: 24.4.2017 DOWNLOAD
Logo AMPER 3 kB, edited: 21.5.2015 DOWNLOAD
Logo TERINVEST 20 kB, edited: 21.5.2015 DOWNLOAD

AMPER 2018
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Exhibition map

Exhibition map


How to get to the trade fair by car, by bus, by train. Search transport connection, Map of Czech Republic, Brno public transport information, GPS coordinates for your navigation

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For Exhibitors of the AMPER Trade Fair has been negotiated special dicount in neighbouring hotels of the Brno Exhibition Centre!

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26th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Communication, Lighting and Security Technologies


Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre

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